It has come to our attention from Mr I Fearnley that some practices are not

putting their Practice address on GOS18 forms submitted to the Northampton General Hospital Eye Department.

This in turn means that the consultants are unable to feedback the results of their findings

and therefore is not in the patients best interest. Would you please ensure any future correspondence has an name and address on it and that they have signed their consent

Many thanks,

Northants LOC

We have also had the following correspondence from Kettering General Hospital:

Dear Mr. Cooke,

I wonder if you would be kind enough to pass the following information on to the opticians in the area.

There has been some confusion over the provision of the ophthalmic casualty services as Kettering General Hospital.

We do not operate a walk-in casualty service.  If you see a client who you feel needs an urgent review by an ophthalmologist we need you to contact the on-call ophthalmologist (01536 492000 and ask to be put through).  During working hours you could also contact the eye outpatients department on 01536 492105.  The on-call doctor will discuss the patient's condition with you and arrange an appropriate time for their review.

For your information our clinic opening times are 08.30 - 17.00 hours Monday to Thursday and 08.30 - 1300 hours on Friday.

Patients requiring ophthalmic review after 13.00 hours on Friday will be cared for via Northampton General Hospital processes.

I hope this will clarify the process for referring urgent patients to Kettering General Hospital.

Many thanks for your help.

Yours sincerely

Maureen Smith
Ophthalmic OPD Sister


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